For Anaesthetists

Why Greenslopes Anaesthesia Services?

Greenslopes Anaesthesia Services (GAS) is a well-established and respected private anaesthetic practice with rooms located at Greenslopes Private Hospital, close to Brisbane’s CBD.

We are a medium-sized practice; large enough to have the resources and networks to help you establish and support your practice, but small enough to retain that more personal, ‘phone-a-friend’ support as well.

Our administration team have the experience and skills to expertly manage your administrative requirements, so that you can focus on caring for your patients. Becoming an associate with Greenslopes Anaesthesia Services confers many benefits, including:


Our associates provide anaesthetic services for the full spectrum of surgical specialties and procedures.


Our anaesthetists service all major private hospitals in Brisbane, as well as many smaller hospitals and day surgery facilities. As such, we have a broad network of established contacts to assist you in establishing and growing your private practice.

Flexible work arrangements

As a GAS associate, you have the ability to individualise your practice. You can choose the amount and type of work to suit your personal needs. Whether you are seeking full time private practice, part time practice or just something to complement your public practice, our administrative team can assist you to organise a schedule which accommodates both your private anaesthetic work and your other commitments.

Shared on-call arrangements

On-call is part of any specialist’s obligations. By working with Greenslopes Anaesthesia Services, that responsibility is shared amongst a group of colleagues who you can trust to look after your patients and surgeons. The size of the associateship also ensures that the frequency of call is not onerous. Currently, our associates are rostered on call approximately one weeknight per month and three weekends per year.

Cover for your leave (planned and unplanned)

With a large number of associates in our group, there are usually colleagues available to cover your leave requirements. Our dedicated administration team will work hard to organise cover for your planned conference and recreation leave as well as your short notice leave for illness or family issues.

Opportunities to pick up extra work

Along with the ability to take leave comes the opportunity to pick up additional work from your colleagues when they are on leave or their regular surgeons have additional list requirements they cannot cover.

Collegiality and support

Greenslopes Anaesthesia Services comprises associates from every career stage, from recently qualified anaesthetists starting out in private practice to seasoned associates approaching retirement, providing a vast resource of knowledge and experience from which to seek guidance, support or feedback.

Education and CPD opportunities

We have various regular meetings including Associates meetings to discuss matters affecting the whole practice, morbidity and mortality meetings and journal club meetings. Some of these meetings have invited speakers to inform about new drugs or equipment, financial matters or medical defence issues. These are excellent opportunities to maintain up-to-date practice, satisfy CPD requirements and network with colleagues.

Comprehensive administration services

Our friendly administration team can assist you to establish, grow and maintain your private practice.

If you are looking to establish a private practice, we can assist you with:

  • Provider numbers
  • Hospital accreditations
  • Health fund agreements
  • Billing rates
  • Merchant facilities and bank accounts
  • Business structure

On an on-going basis, our team can provide the following services:

  • Organising your schedule:
    • our team will manage your calendar for bookings, liaise with the surgeon’s rooms and hospitals to provide you with details of your theatre lists and bookings and keep you updated about any late changes.
  • Finding cover for your lists for planned and unplanned leave
  • Financial services including:
    • Providing fee estimates to patients before their procedures
    • Obtaining Informed Financial Consent
    • Obtaining prepayments when necessary
    • Invoicing patients and health funds
    • Following up outstanding invoices and collection of fees
  • Keeping you informed of opportunities to keep abreast of best practice in patient care and satisfy CPD requirements

Business and Financial Contacts

If you need external help with setting up your business structure, we can provide details of contacts such as financial consultants, lawyers and banks who we have previously found helpful.


If you are not looking to join an associateship at this stage, we can also offer assistance with administrative support for independent specialists.


If you would like any further information about becoming an associate with Greenslopes Anaesthesia Services or taking advantage of our administrative support for independent specialists, please contact our General Manager, Rob Westmoreland on (07) 3847 4477.