Our fee for your care

When you have a surgical procedure requiring a form of anaesthesia, this will be provided by an Anaesthetist – a highly trained specialist doctor. The anaesthetist’s fees are separate from those of the surgeon and the hospital.
Each anaesthetist sets their own fees. Their rates for the item numbers are based on the rates suggested by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA) which in turn are based on the Australian Government’s Medical Benefits Schedule rate. Many of our anaesthetists discount and/or cap their fees for particular procedures to reduce the cost to you.
Your anaesthesia invoice will comprise a number of different Item Numbers. These numbers relate to:

  • the type of surgery performed;
  • the duration of the anaesthesia
  • particular pain management or monitoring required; and
  • any particular health risks.

Estimate / Informed Financial Consent

To help you understand your likely cost for the anaesthesia, we will provide you with a fee estimate prior to your procedure via email, text or mail. Your final fee may vary from the estimate owing to the actual care required during your procedure. We ask that you acknowledge and consent your fee prior to your procedure.

If you have an emergency or late add-on procedure, we may not have sufficient time prior to your procedure to provide you with this information.

Your Invoice

Dependent upon your circumstances, your total fee will be funded by Medicare (if applicable), your private health insurer (if applicable) and any “gap” will be charged to you. Different health funds and policies will provide a different level of payment for procedures. This will impact the gap you are required to pay. Many of our anaesthetists participate in health fund “known gap” schemes.

If you do not have appropriate health insurance cover, are within your waiting period for cover or your cover has lapsed, you will be responsible for the total anaesthetic fee.

We will generally invoice you after your procedure. However, in some circumstances you may be required to pay some or all of your estimated fee prior to your surgery. This includes if you do not have health insurance or a Medicare card or if the surgery is for a cosmetic procedure.

You can pay your invoice by:

  • Credit Card pay online (use button below) or over the phone or post in to the office
  • BPay
  • Cheque made payable to your doctor - details on the invoice
  • Cash at our rooms

More information on Fees and "Gaps"

The Australian Medical Association, in conjunction with a number of specialist colleges has prepared a guide that helps explain how fees are set and paid by Medicare, health funds and patients.

Ask us

If you have not received a quote for your procedure or have any other query regarding your fee,
please contact our Estimates team on 3847 4477 – Option 1